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Schedule of Fees

Savings Account Fees  
Christmas and Planners Club Early Withdrawal Ten percent (10%) of balance if withdrawn early
Share (Savings) Withdrawal No charge for first four per month. $2 per withdrawal over four. Does not include share to share transfers, loan to share transfers, Visa card payments, tickets, stamps, etc. Applies to cash and checks only.
Dormant Account Fee $1 quarterly, for share savings accounts with no activity for three years.
Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees  
Overdraft $30 per item
Non-Sufficient Fund $30 per item
Stop Payment $15 per request
Share Draft Printing Prices vary depending upon check style. 25% discount with direct deposit.
Share Draft Account Monthly Service $2 per month if minimum balance of $500 is not maintained
Share Draft Account Monthly Service $2 per month if deposit is not through ACH (direct deposit)
Share Draft Account Transfer $2 per item if computer generated
Share Draft Account Interim Transaction History $3 per request
Share Draft Account Reconciliation $25 per request
Counter Check from Share Draft $2 per check
Copy of Cleared Share Draft $4 per item
Other Service Fees
(applicable to all accounts)
Statement Copy $5 per copy
Deposited Item Return $30 per item
Outgoing Wire Transfer $10 per transfer
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer Fee $30 per transfer
Money Order $1.00 per item
Copy of Paid Item $4 per item
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee $12
Stop Payment on Counter Check $15 per item
American Express Travelers Cheques — Cheques for Two $.50 per $100
American Express Gift Cheques $1.25 per cheque
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees  
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer First twelve (12) ATM withdrawals per month are free. Over 12 are $1 per item
Balance Inquiry First four (4) per month free. Over four are $.50 each
Replacement ATM / Visa Check Card $5 per request
Replacement ATM / Visa Check PIN $2.50 per request
Bill Payment Fees  
Stop Payment $15
Non-sufficient Funds $30
Overdraft From Savings $2
Items returned from payee for incorrect information by user/member $5

Information subject to change without notice