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Schedule of Fees

Savings Account Fees  
Christmas and Planners Club Early Withdrawal Ten percent (10%) of balance if withdrawn early
Savings Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty is equivalent to 90 days of dividends for all terms
Dormant Accounts $5 quarterly, for share savings accounts with no activity for three (3) years.
Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees  
Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds: paid or returned including Bill Pay payments $32 per item
Stop Payment (including Bill Pay payments) $15 per request
Share Draft Check Printing First order of checks is FREE! Subsequent order prices will vary based on check style.
Share Draft Account Monthly Service Charge $2 per month; waived for members with Direct Deposit or who maintain a minimum checking balance of $500
Share Draft Account Transfer $3 per item
Share Draft Account Interim Transaction History $3 per request
Share Draft Account Reconciliation $25 per request
Counter Check from Share Draft $2 per check
Copy of Cleared Share Draft (check) $4 per item
Other Service Fees (all accounts)  
Statement Copy $5 per copy
Deposited Item Return $30 per item
Outgoing Wire Transfer (domestic) $20 per transfer
Outgoing Wire Transfer (international) $50 per transfer
Incoming Wire Transfer Processing $10 per item
Money Order $1.50 per item (member price); money orders are only available for members
Copy of Paid Item $4 per item
Phone Loan Payment Fee (from non-SAFCU accounts); Check by Phone $10 per item
Foreign Currency Request $20 per transaction (buying or returning)
Stop Payment on Counter Check $15 per item
Visa Gift Cards $5 fee per gift card, plus card amount
Escheatment Processing $10 for balances under $50
$20 for balances of $50 or more
Returned Statement Processing $5 per returned statement
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees  
Saint Agnes Federal Credit Union (SAFCU) or Allpoint Network ATM Transactions FREE; no transaction fees including any balance inquiries
Non-SAFCU or Non-Allpoint ATMs $1.50 per withdrawal transaction
$.50 per inquiry
Point of Sale PIN Transaction
(debit option)
FREE; no POS fee
Replacement ATM / Visa Check Card $5 per request
Replacement ATM / Visa Check Card PIN FREE
Bill Payment Fees  
Stop Payment $15
Non-Sufficient Funds (paid or returned) $32
Overdraft from Savings $3

Information effective 6/1/15 and subject to change without notice.