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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, your entire check goes into your account and you begin earning dividends immediately. Direct deposit will save you time and keep your money safe, and you won’t have to stand in line to deposit your check! We accept direct deposit of all payrolls, including Social Security, Civil Service and military retirement benefits. To sign up for direct deposit, provide your payroll department with Saint Agnes Federal Credit Union's Routing and Transit number --  252076727 -- and your member number.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction--which allows part of your paycheck to be sent automatically to the credit union to make deposits and loan payments--is being discontinued for Saint Agnes Hospital employees after the hospital switches to its new payroll system in Fall 2013. Payroll deductions into credit union accounts stop for hospital associates with last names beginning with A-H on Sept. 20, for last names beginning with I-Q on Oct. 4, and for last names beginning with letters R-Z on Oct. 18, 2013.

Regular Direct Deposit (to the credit union, or split between a bank and the credit union) will not be affected by the change, if you don’t have account payroll deduction(s).

However, previously set up credit union payroll deductions (like savings, Christmas Club and loan payments) will now be directly deposited into your Share Draft/Checking account (or Share Savings if you don’t have Checking) as one lump sum each payday.

What will happen to my deposits and payments without payroll deduction?

Before, with payroll deduction, you could specify different deductions and see them on your paycheck: for example, a $100 deposit in Checking, $25 into Christmas Club savings, plus half of your $450.22 monthly auto loan payment ($225.11)—a total of $350.11 split into three different deductions.

Your preferred deposit allocations will now be handled by the credit union, not the hospital. Each pay, a Direct Deposit of your total previous allocations will be deposited by the hospital into your Checking account (or Savings if you don’t have Checking); in the example above, a $350.11 deposit. You will no longer see these deductions on your paycheck.

The credit union has set up systems to split the lump sum deposit into your previous designated deductions. If you wish to make changes to specific amounts, please contact your credit union branch directly.

These payroll deduction changes only affect current Saint Agnes Hospital employees. Please call the credit union’s new toll-free number, 855-597-5766, or visit a branch office if you have any questions about your Saint Agnes Federal Credit Union accounts or loan payments.